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2016 Champions are crowned!

Team SLF is the 2016



Congratulations to:

Captain Marc Shade

Captain Robbie Cohen

Mike Carpman
Robert Goldenberg
Ron Guerriero
Jeff Kosow    
Mike Kosow
Sol Lobaton
Bohdan Piech
Chad Rabkin
Marvin Reiskind
Ian Roter
Neil Schwartz
Bradley Weigensberg

J.F. Bouchard


by posted 09/22/2016
2016 Playoff Schedule and Results

2016 Playoff Schedule and Results



K N O C K O U T S     Single game elimination
EA1) Tarvy vs Stokes Thurs. Aug. 25 6:15pm Single game elimination
EA2) Ossiano vs Las Vegas Thurs. Aug. 25 8:30pm Single game elimination
EB1) Tarvy vs Altius Fri. Aug. 26 6:15pm Single game elimination
EB2) Las Vegas vs CAB Fri. Aug. 26 8:30pm Single game elimination
Q U A R T E R S DATE   Best of 3 series
QFA1) Dagwoods vs SLF Sun Aug. 28 6:00pm Game 1
QFA2) SLF vs Dagwoods Tue Aug 30 8:30pm Game 2
QFA3) Dagwoods vs SLF     Game 3 (if necessary)
 SLF Wins Series 2-0      
QFB1) Yagel vs Emmis Sun Aug. 28 8:30pm Game 1
QFB2) Emmis vs Yagel Tue Aug 30 6:30pm Game 2
QFB3) Yagel vs Emmis Thurs Sept 1 7:30pm Game 3
Yagel Wins Series 2-1      
QFC1) Tarvy vs Avanti Monday Aug. 29 6:30pm Game 1
QFC2) Avanti vs Tarvy Wed Aug 31 8:30pm Game 2
QFC3) Tarvy vs Avanti Tue Sept 6 6:30pm Game 3
.Avanti Wins Series 2-1      
QFD1) Las Vegas vs Fortinet Monday Aug. 29 8:30pm Game 1
QFD2) Fortinet vs Las Vegas Wed Aug 31 6:30pm Game 2
QFD3) Las Vegas vs Fortinet Tue Sept 6 8:30pm Game 3
.Las Vegas Wins Series 2-1      
S E M I S DATE   Best of 5 series
SFA-1)  Las Vegas vs Avanti  Wed Sept 7 6:30pm Game 1
SFA-2) Avanti vs Las Vegas Fri Sept 9 8:30pm Game 2
SFA-3) Las Vegas vs Avanti Sun Sept 11 6:00pm Game 3
.Las Vegas Wins series 3-0      
SFB-1)  Yagel vs. SLF Wed Sept 7 8:30pm Game 1
SFB-2) SLF vs Yagel Fri Sept 9 6:30pm Game 2
SFB-3) Yagel vs. SLF Sun Sept 11 8:30pm Game 3
SFB-4) SLF vs Yagel Wed Sept 14 7:30pm Game 4
SFB-5) Yagel vs. SLF Thur Sept 15 7:30pm Game 5 (if necessary)
SLF Wins Series      
F I N A L S DATE   Best of 5 series
F-1) Las Vegas vs SLF Sun Sept 18 7:30pm Game 1
F-2) SLF vs Las Vegas Mon Sept 19 7:30pm Game 2
F-3) Las Vegas vs SLF Wed Sept 21 7:30pm Game 3
F-4) SLF vs Las Vegas Thur Sept 22 7:30pm Game 4 (if necessary)
SLF Wins Championship      
      Games shown as Visitors vs Home






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2016 Playoffs are here!

2016 Playoffs (AKA "Season 2") underway !!!

But first, we want to say that this season was one of the closest in recent times, with final playoff position jockeying going to the last game played. Great job by all captains drafting such evenly balanced teams!


The single game knockout rounds resulted in both Tarvy and Las Vegas each winning two elimination games to advance to the Quarter Final, best of 3, round. 

The Quarter Final match ups are:

Tarvy Auto vs Avanti Auto Spa

Creations Las Vegas vs Fortinet

SLF vs Dagwoods

Yagel Bagel vs Emmis Textiles



Congratulations go out to the division winners Avanti Auto Spa (1st overall) and Fortinet (2nd overall) after a 26 game season.



The playoffs begin with the knockout elimination games, to be followed by the quarter- finals, semi-finals, then, the ever sought-after "FINALS".  Good luck to all teams!

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