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Our draft is around the corner!

is almost here!


Get ready for our big draft coming up Sunday starting at 6:30 sharp!


Which capatain will pick you ???


Come join the fun at the DDO Civic Centre, Banquet Hall

We hope to see you there


by posted 04/22/2019
2019 Captains


Announcing our 2019 Captains!

Returning are:

Louie Wilk & Danny Wilk

Gord Bloom & Luigi Verrucci

Harley Schwartz & Stuart Schwartz

Todd Halperin & Murray Sklar

Steve Marer & Jeff Tabacman

Larry Shapiro & Anthony Wolfe

Jeff Kosow & Michael Rabinovitch

Neil Ram & Howard Pascal

Earl Levett & Lorne Rubin

Marc Shade & Robbie Cohen

Glen Rosenberg & Mark Solomon


And welcoming our newest pairs:


Danny Azoulay & Mitch Perlman

Ash Ilkhani & David Friedberg

Jason Koropatkin & Rodney Shapiro


.... and now the build up to the draft begins !!!

by posted 01/08/2019
Field Status
Edward Janiszewski Park - DDO TBD (4/23) 
Interested in Playing?

         Must be 35 years or over        as of December 31

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